Residential Roofing

At Timeless Roofing, we’re committed to quality craftsmanship, affordable pricing, and exceptional customer experiences. When you choose our roofing services, our professional roofing contractors work with you one one-on-one so you’re 100% satisfied with the results. Whether you’re interested in upgrading your roofing materials to something more energy-efficient or need a replacement to prevent further damage, our residential roofers can help.

Residential Roofer

Premier Roofing Services

When you need a roofing contractor you can trust to get the job done right, look no further than Timeless Roofing. As residential and commercial roofing industry experts in the Los Angeles County, Orange County, and Riverside County areas, we understand what homeowners need to maximize energy efficiency with their roofing systems. Our premier roofing services cover everything from replacement and installation to repairs and roof upgrades.

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Affordable Financing

We offer affordable and hassle-free  financing options, allowing you to have your high-quality roof installed today starting at

$145/month* Includes FREE Multi-Point Inspection and Lasting Warranties

Call us today and ask one of our representatives about our quick & easy financing options.

Our Warranty

When you invest in a new roof, you should be able to trust that is well-made and properly installed. For that reason, we choose premium products and materials to offer lasting warranties. All of our workmanship comes with warranties, so you can rest assure that your investment will be protected long term.

50 Year Warranty
30 Year Warranty

Our Work Process How It Works


1-2 hr complimentary consultation

Detailed Proposal

Tailored for your specific needs

Expert Installation

Done by our certified, in-house team

Final Inspection

We'll pass the 1st inspection every time

Roof Replacement

Over time, roofs begin displaying signs of wear and tear. Even the best materials can only last so long. Your roof may be ready for a replacement if you notice the following issues:

If you’re unsure whether you need a roof replacement, our professional house roofers can inspect your system to estimate its longevity. If our roofer team thinks a replacement will save you money in the long run, we can help you select the best new roof based on your budget, project complexity, construction requirements, design preferences, and location. After your roofing replacement, you will enjoy increased property value, reduced repair needs, lower average utility costs, and enhanced curb appeal.

Residential Roof Replacement

New Roof Installation

At Timeless Roofing, we also specialize in new roof installation using various roofing material. As a locally owned and operated company in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Riverside County areas we understand how brutal the summers can get in California.

To help you maintain a more comfortable indoor temperature without spending a fortune on energy bills, we can upgrade your roofing solution to a high-quality material that allows your home to reflect heat while locking cool air in. Our residential roofers install premier systems that keep you comfortable during summer and dry during rainy season.

Our top roofing material options include the following:

If you’re unsure which material you envision for your roofing project, our roofer team can help. For example, standing seam metal provides ideal energy efficiency plus a modern appearance, while natural slate is one of the most environmentally friendly options that can last decades. Call our team of residential roofers today, we will weigh the pros and cons of each so you know which to choose for your house.

Residential Roof Repair And Leak Detection

Leak Detection and Roof Repairs

The last thing you want is a roof leak damaging your home’s interior. Call us when you notice odd stains on your ceiling, our residential roofer company will arrive as soon as possible to locate and resolve the issue. Safety is our top priority when performing roof repairs, so we complete a thorough inspection that covers all components instead of just patching the leak.

When you need roofer repair services completed the right way at an affordable price, choose Timeless Roofing. We offer repairs at a great value in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside County and the surrounding area.

Roofing Upgrades

Your roofing system involves numerous complex components, all vital to protecting your home. Whether your gutters keep getting clogged or your attic prevents heat from escaping correctly, we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive roofing services. Our team can install attic insulation, rain gutters, and skylights.

Rain Gutter Installation

Rain Gutters

The rain gutter system is an integral aspect of the roof, helping it drain water to prevent damages and keep water away from your property. When you need new gutters, our roofers have you covered. Our products are durable and built to blend in with your roof system.

Skylight Installation


 If you’d like to add more natural light to your home or rental property, our roofing team can complete the job property and quickly by installing skylights on your roof. Contact us today by calling 424-384-4444 for a free estimate.

Attic Insulation

Attic insulation

New attic insulation improves your home’s energy efficiency by locking out moisture while keeping cool air in. Our roofing company can help you select the right type of insulation for your house and properly install for longer lasting solution.

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